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What Is Passive Income In Real Estate?

Michael Touchette

Passive income offers one effective strategy for paving the road toward financial independence. Real estate offers an excellent way of receiving passive income. However, understanding the definition of passive income is a must. People who earn money without engaging in active participation are receiving passive income. Although the word “passive” implies sitting back and watching the money flow, the fact is that investors need to do work before passive income occurs. There is no longer any need to participate after the business is established.

Reasons To Establish Passive Income

Earning passive income offers a welcome monetary addition to any household. Whether married or single, passive income in real estate offers a viable option. Earning passive income via real estate relies on five distinct methods, including investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate crowdfunding, rental property, and performance mortgage notes.

Investing In REITs

REIT investing involves receiving high dividend returns derived from commercial properties. Passive investors can invest in REITs via brokerage accounts.

Investing In Real Estate ETFs

Investing in ETFs yields attractive dividends. In addition to the stabilizing effect of a diversification strategy, ETFs offer the advantage of passive income via the expertise of fund managers. Consequently, investing in ETFs means eliminating guesswork.

Investing In Crowdfunding

Investors can create passive income by investing in real estate crowdfunding. Formed with the help of accredited investors, people can help fund real estate properties without participating actively. Crowdfunding passive returns depend on various real estate investing opportunities. Some investors even receive monthly passive returns for their efforts. It is important to discern whether each crowdfunding investment offers regular payouts.

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